We all know the popular phrase, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover.’ But how many times do we end up picking a book because we think, oh my goodness, that cover is so gorgeous! Now imagine picking up that stunning book, excited and already enamoured, only to open it up and see a hot mess. The fonts are weird, there are odd spaces where they shouldn’t be, the margins are ‘off’, and there are no page numbers. Shock horror!

Okay, so that’s an extreme example. But it would put you off, right? The absolute main goal for the interior of any book, even aside from being visually attractive, is to not be distracting. Formatting that makes your book easy to read and keeps your reader engaged in the story rather than be distracted by oddities in the layout is a job well done. The pretty chapter headers and fancy fonts are simply the icing on the cake. The readability of your words is key.

Many self-published authors decide to take on formatting by themselves (check out The Book Formatting Formula for some extra guidance if you do!) but others decide to hire a book formatter like myself. Why?

  • They already have the knowledge required to turn your words into a beautiful book and know how to resolve issues that crop up along the way.
  • They understand how the print-on-demand and eBook services work, and their specific requirements.
  • They usually have a good eye for design and know what works and what doesn’t in book interior design.
  • It saves you time, as it can be a lengthy process learning how to format books well.

I have been formatting books for indie authors since September 2019, and in that time I’ve formatted all sorts of genres, including non-fiction. I love to come up with a unique design for books, without going over the top. Check out my portfolio below (tap the images to enlarge) or over on Instagram.

I can promise you, holding your own book in your hands for the first time is one of the best feelings there is as an author. Let’s work on making it a great experience!

Check out my prices or email me to arrange working with me.