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Julia’s formatting skills turned my book into a work of art, quite literally. She incorporated hand-drawn illustrations and went the extra mile to ensure they fit seamlessly in the book, and to the highest quality. Julia was considerate and courteous, and made the process easy and quick with a fast turnover. I am unbelievably happy with the outcome and I will definitely be using Evenstar Book Design’s services again!

Chloe Hodge
Author of Vengeance Blooms

Working with Julia on my book was so easy. Not only was she communicative and quick to respond to my questions, but she had great ideas for the interior formatting and design of my nonfiction book. It looks fantastic in print and on my tablet. I can't wait to work with her on all of my future projects!

Hannah Bauman
Author of Productivity for Creative Writers

When I thought of formatting, I thought of gutters and spacing between sentences and things like that, but Julia does so much more. My book would have been plain and drab without the extra designing she did to the act and chapter titles. It really made the inside of my book pop! She has an excellent grasp of what is popular in books and a knack for bringing separate elements (font, backgrounds, images, chapter titles) together to present one overall theme. 

I'm definitely using Evenstar for my next book!

Anna Fox
Author of The Hashna Stone

I had an interior format designer in mind, but my vision was bigger than what their services could provide for me. That's when I stumbled upon Evenstar Books. Julia transformed my debut novel! To say I was pleased with the results is an understatement. Her work blew my hair back! She listens and works with your needs and vision. I gave her an idea and she put it together from the chapter and part headers to the drop caps. I truly believe she can use her magic to spruce up any type of novel out there in a timely fashion. Aside from the stellar quality she produces, she's responsive, easy to work with and forthright about her services! Throughout my experience, she was there for every needy email and question I had as a first-time author. Thank you, Evenstar Books!  

Viola Day
Author of Finn's Girl, Ruby

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Evenstar Books Ltd.

is a publishing imprint for Julia Scott, an indie author who writes books as well as designing the interiors for them. She has currently published "The Mirror Souls", a YA dystopian romance, and is working on completing the trilogy. To find out more information, visit juliascottwrites.com or find it on Amazon.