Hiring a professional formatter can be costly, especially if you’re publishing books regularly, so many indie authors decide to take it on themselves. It’s quite the learning curve, and it’s very easy to make small mistakes that could lower the quality of your final product.

But what if you could have someone who has formatted many books to a high standard take a look over your work to see if/where you’ve gone wrong? That’s where my formatting review service comes in.

Send me the PDF version of your book, ready to print, and I’ll write a report based on the formatting choices you’ve made and where you could potentially make improvements. I’ll take a look at your margins, font choice, font sizing and spacing, chapter header layout, page numbers, overall layout etc.

Not only will this help you create a professional looking book that will be at the quality and standards of traditionally published books, it will also help you to learn what to do for future books you format.

Email me at to discuss setting up a formatting review.